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My bracelets come in two sizes, large and small-medium.  I use antique buttons and 18 guage bandelon for strength and durability.  The beads are glass, crystal, trade beads, wood, and refurbished antique jewelry.


African Trade Beads and Czech Glass

African Trade Beads were accepted in Africa as currency from Europeans and Asians for goods and services from the 16th to 20th century. They were highly desired as one’s social status was determined by the quality, quantity and style of jewelry worn.

Czech Glass Beads are part of an age old cottage industry. They are still made by hand in small quantities.


Red and Green Jade from India

The dominant beads in these pieces are red and green jade which came from Varnassi, India.  I took a spiritual pilgrimage to the holy cities along the Ganges River in northern India in November of 2010.

African Paper Beads

African Paper Beads are created by internally displaced women in Uganda. Each bead is rolled by hand from strips of recycled paper, secured with glue, and then lacquered with a non-toxic varnish for shine and durability. Marketing happens through several non-profits who return the funds to the women for food, medicine, shelter and other needs.


Antique Button Bracelet

I found these green buttons when going through my grandmothers old sewing basket.


Multicolored Bracelet

Blue Iridescent Bracelet


Green Bracelets



Pink and Grey Bracelets